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This our first South Santa Fe Indian Market
on May 1, 2011 from 11am-6pm

We are accepting applications for this event via snail mail or via email/paypal payment.

All applications need to have a payment to be considered complete.

We will have this application available soon.

All vendors are required to have a tribal number & make all of their products.

Have you ever hear of the Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We think that it could be cool to have an Indian Market here in San Diego, and since, Dancing Bear Indian Trader's closest cross street is South Santa Fe, it seemed fitting that we start an event in Vista called, "South Santa Fe Indian Market"

We know many amazing Native American vendors who make wonderful products with all types of craft supplies. This event is going to be a great way to meet the artisans behind the beads. There will be many different types of arts and crafts at this show.

Our first Craft on Broadway Market in Downtown Vista was on 12/12/2010.

There will be many great items for sale!

Craft on Broadway is a handmade craft market. There will be vendors selling
a variety of handmade crafts and goods ranging from Jewelry, purses to pet products.
Be sure to check back often, as sellers sign up, we are posting their websites on this page
to give you a preview!

Also we will be giving away 50 gift bags. They will include coupons and maybe some gift certificates.

Check out the sponsors & more informaion below to get a preview of businesses participating!

The event will take place in the Sonic/Allen's Alley parking lot across the street from
Dancing Bear Indian Trader in the heart of Downtown Vista Village on Broadway.

Contact us:


Preview of Vendors! Check out their websites!

Visit our site later for updates on our event's vendors

Preview of local business gift bag sponsors!

We put the extra gift certificates into the bags! Some of the gift bags will have the gift certificates,
all of the bags will have coupons and candy(sponsored by Craft on Broadway & Dancing Bear)

If you have a business here in Vista and would like to sponsor our gift bags,
contact us at

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