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Vendor FAQs

All vendors must read through these FAQs before emailing questions about vendor information.
Mini posters and postcards for the event will be available at Dancing Bear Indian Trader for distribution.

There will be 38 spaces at the event. Spaces are limited.
Also, we will give priority to vendors for the upcoming shows.

How do I sign up?
Click Vendor Application Select the type of space you want, and follow the cart payment screen.

How much is it?
$50 for a 10’x 10’space. up to 3 vendors sharing per space.
Each vendor will also get a bagel & cream cheese from Allen’s Alley. Additionally, your vendor fee
includes a blanket Vista Business license fee for the event.

Why is this event Juried?
The event is juried to make sure that the products being sold are handmade.
We want to be sure that you are hand decorating, embellishing or creating your products.
Also we want to space out the vendors.
Please do not apply if you sell Cookie Lee, Scentsy, Stampin’ Up or any mass produced items.
We will accept applications as we receive them.
You will be notified by the following business day if you are accepted.
Additionally we will only accept 15 jewelry vendors at our show.
There will be approximately 38 spaces at this event.

How do I submit my photos & seller's permit/resale number?
Please send three photos of your work, they can be snap shots.
We will not accept any application without photos or seller's permit/resale number.
Send them via email to:, with the subject: Your name-Your Biz name.

Can I share my space?
Yes you can share your space. Maximum number of vendors per space is 3.
In the notes of your application, note who you are sharing a space with.
Remember to email for images of your artwork for jurying.

Do I need a Sales Permit or Resale Number to sell at the show?

Yes, all vendors are required to have a Sales Permit issued by the California Board of Equalization.
Day use tax permits are available. It’s very easy to do.  Link to a BOE permit application. 

Where can I park?
We are required to have our vendors cars park around the event space to create a barrier.
It's great for you, cuz you can have your car near by.
Additionally, DO NOT park in the parking spaces on Broadway in front of
Allen's Alley, Dancing Bear Indian Trader, Barber Shop and B & B Liquor.

What should I bring?
We do not supply you anything but the space.
So you need to bring a canopy, tables, chairs and a dolly/hand truck.
Make sure that your products stay within the 10’x 10’ space.
We recommend an ezup canopy with walls if you have them. It will make your space look really nice.
This link has a lot of info for anyone who is interested in selling at shows

When is setup/takedown for the event?
As a vendor in our event, you are REQUIRED to stay setup at event all day.
If you take down early, you will not be allowed to sell at any of our future events.

Setup for the event will be announced when application is accepted. Takedown will be 6:00pm-7:30pm.
Please take with you any trash that you have accumulated during the day.
Canopies need to be weighted down if there is wind. DO NOT NAIL your canopy down.

Is there food near by?
Yes, there are a few places. Allen’s Alley will be open until 2pm.
Sonic is across from the parking lot, and B&B Liquor has drinks and snacks,
Pepper Tree Frosty, and Yellow Deli.

Bathroom, will there be one?
Sonic has graciously agreed that we can use their bathroom.
It’s on the East side of the building towards the drive thru.
Please be careful when walking over, as there is car traffic in Sonic’s car stalls and drive thru area.

What if it rains?
Craft on Broadway will take place, rain or shine. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather.
So keep your fingers crossed, that there will be no rain. Since there are many running costs of the event.
We cannot issue refunds.

Is there electricity, do I need lights?

Sorry, nope, there will not be any electricity. We suggest bringing some battery operated lights,
if you need any additional lighting.
There will be some overhead lights, but they are primarily street lights.

Can I submit some items for the 50 gift bags?
Yes! Of course. The items donated must be a coupon, sticker, greeting card or gift certificate.
We will have small bags, so something flat would be perfect.

How many people are going to attend?
It’s hard to say. Also our location is visible from S. Santa Fe & Sonic. We are advertising on Facebook.
Our event press release has been submitted to all of the news media including newspapers.
We will have a sign twirler during the event.
Our event is on the Vista Village Business Association & Vista Chamber of Commerce’s calendars.
Signs have been posted in many local businesses and postcards have been distributed.
Many ways of advertising have been applied to get the word out for this event.

We need your help! We can’t do it alone! Please tell all of your friends and family about this event.
If each vendor invites 5 people and they come, we could have over 200 people in attendance,
just from word of mouth.



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